After reports emerged that London was facing an increase in knife crimes, Mayor Sadiq Khan began cracking down on anyone suspected of carrying them.

The city’s crackdown on knives comes after a push for civilian gun bans and strict gun control laws in England. The recent increase in stabbings pushed London’s murder rate past New York’s for the “first time in modern history.” Gun rights advocates said the increase in knife crimes was due to gun control measures.

Kahn responded with dismay and has now reportedly taken action against knives.

The Daily Caller reports: Khan deployed an additional 300 Metropolitan Police officers over the weekend to work exclusively against knife crime, urging them to be more “confident” in their authority to stop anyone suspected of carrying a weapon.

“What you will see over the course of the next few weeks and months — is what we have seen over the last few weeks and months — which is stop-and-search based on suspicion of carrying an offensive weapon going up, more arrests as a consequence of this intelligence-led stop-and-search going up and hopefully our city becoming safer,” the mayor said Saturday, according to The Telegraph.

Khan also issued a warning to would-be knife carriers, saying they should think twice before bringing one out in public — whatever the reason.


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