Media slamming Trump over no handshake at photo op

German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited President Trump in the White House Friday, and the media is abuzz over the fact that he failed to pose in a handshake during a photo-op.

As the two leaders sat in chairs side by side, the the sounds of clicking cameras filled the room.  One of the photographers reportedly requested a pose with a handshake, and Merkel turned to Trump and asked, “Do you want a handshake?”

The President didn’t respond, and the headlines lit up the news suggesting that he refused to shake her hand.   A few are fairly supposing that perhaps Trump did not hear the request.

Below is the video of the chaotic scene.

Insults have run rampant on Twitter as well.

One Trump supporter does point out they did indeed pose for a friendly handshake at the joint press conference.

The following video is of President Trump greeting Chancellor Merkel upon her arrival.



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