Medical Doctor Releases Analysis of Clinton’s Illness


In light of the fainting episode Hillary Clinton suffered today at the 9/11 ceremonies in NYC (see videos), a video we published yesterday becomes all the more important. The question becomes, does Hillary Clinton suffer from Parkinson’s Disease?

Dr. Ted Noel, a medical doctor with 36 years’ experience, has released a video (WATCH BELOW) with a detailed analysis of what he believes Hillary Clinton’s illness actually is, based on the information that is available to the public and his own medical knowledge and experience.

He is very careful to say that his conclusion is not a firm diagnosis – it is simply his conclusion, as he is not Clinton’s personal physician and does not have access to her medical records.  But he connects the dots in a very powerful way, from the jerks, twitches, hand movements, falls, concussions, freezing up during a speech or during questioning, and of course, the nagging cough that never goes away.

All the evidence points to one conclusion – advanced Parkinson’s Disease, says Dr. Noel.   He said this debilitating condition makes her unfit for any position of responsibility.  He also believes that Clinton has known she has Parkinson’s Disease since at least 2012, and it is also likely that the Democratic National Committee is aware of this.

Dr. Noel raises the question, what happens if Hillary Clinton is elected president and then her condition worsens and she is not able to perform her duties as President, even when the public is unaware.  “If she is not doing the job, who will be doing it for her?” he asks.   Will it be Huma Abedin?  Bill Clinton?  Or Tim Kaine?

Dr. Noel said he graduated from Loma Linda University Medical Center in 1976, and completed his anesthesiology residency there as well.  He then spent 32 years in clinical medicine in an Orlando, Florida hospital.   For 10 of those years, he was also Medical Director at the NovaMed Surgery Center.  He retired in 2013.



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