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Following Saturday’s royal wedding, Meghan Markle’s nephew, a licensed Oregon marijuana farmer, was refused entry into a London nightclub because he was carrying a knife.

Tyler Dooley, 25, who is growing a special strain of cannabis called “Markle Sparkle” in honor of his aunt and her marriage to Prince Harry, said he was carrying the knife because President Donald Trump declared that London was not safe.

Dooley, the son of Markle’s half-brother, Thomas Markle, was not invited to the royal wedding, but traveled to London to celebrate the nuptials. Markle and a group including his family and friends chose the club Bacchus in southwest London for their party, where he admitted to bouncers that he was carrying the 4-inch blade.

According to a source for The Sun, “They were all obviously a bit tipsy from celebrating the wedding, but not in bad spirits. As Tyler came up to the bouncer, he said, ‘I have a knife on me.’ He pulled it out and handed it to the staff.”

Dooley then concocted an explanation for carrying the knife.

“He was going on about was how he’d brought it from America because Donald Trump had said London wasn’t safe,” a witness said.

Security staff “acted very calmly and dialed 999, and that’s when some local guys told him he’d get arrested. At that point, he ran off.”

Dooley reportedly returned to the club later and attempted to explain his behavior. A police official said, “Officers attended the club at around 01:55 hours and recovered the knife. There has been no arrest.”

Earlier this month, President Donald Trump said at the NRA convention on that knife crime in London has gotten so bad, one hospital was like “war zone.”

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