NBC’s Megan Kelly said she felt “conflicted” about the sign of solidarity actors participated in on Sunday night. During Sunday evening’s 2018 Golden Globes broadcast, male and female actors arrived wearing head-to-toe black on the red carpet, as a show of support for the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. However, Kelly said she isn’t sure that after the evening, there is any indication that the tide in Hollywood is changing.

During Monday’s “Megyn Kelly Today,” Kelly expressed her feelings about the Globes. She began with criticism for the fact that the women who had initiated the sexual abuse resistance movements, #MeToo and #TimesUp, weren’t even mentioned by name.

“I 100% applaud the women who have come forward in this #MeToo movement, especially the women of Hollywood, which is completely a male dominated industry,” Kelly began. “Women like Rose McGowan, Ashley Judd, Mira Sorvino, Natasha Henstridge and others – to tell their stories when almost no one else was. That took real courage.”

Kelly said said she did not hear about those specific women during the awards show. “I did not hear them by name, I did not hear them acknowledged as I thought I would,” Kelly said.

She was pleased that the show included “female trailblazers” who were brought as guests by some of the actors. Kelly also said that actresses were right to be speaking up about something that “has been secret for far too long,” which was “in and of itself, progress,” but she questioned if such a display would have any impact.

“I also wondered whether anyone was really listening. And whether we can get them to listen to an industry that for years praised men like Harvey Weinstein,” she said, referring to the disgraced Hollywood producer who was accused of multiple instances of sexual abuse and assault.

The Decider reports:

Kelly then called out Hollywood for worshipping Weinstein for years as “God” and for continuing to work with admitted predators like Roman Polanski. “How can we expect America to listen to the people who embrace him, while others condemn other individuals in Hollywood?” she pondered.

“I do wonder about the impact of last night,” Kelly said. “How great it could possibly be, and whether it marks a shift in our country or mere teaspoons in an ocean of male dominance that realistically is nowhere close to over.”

During the show, Kelly sat down with Melissa Rivers and Washington Post Fashion Critic Robin Givhan to have a discussion about the black dresses, and whether they made the “bold statement” they were intended to make. The trio also discussed the hypocrisy of some, such as actor James Franco, in wearing a #TimesUp pin, after being accused of sexual misconduct in the past.