Melania Trump’s portrait draws criticism


The official portrait of First Lady Melania Trump was unveiled by the White House on Monday, garnering mixed reviews.

Regine Mahaux, a Belgian-born photographer who has previous experience with the Trump family, shot the picture of the first lady smiling slightly, her complexion flawless.

Cosmopolitan Magazine criticized the photo, claiming that Mrs. Trump’s face “appeared to be heavily airbrushed,” and that the “soft lighting is like only the classiest ‘90s mall glamour shot photo could offer!”

Wire service Agence France-Presse reported that “While some commenters gushed that the first lady was ‘beyond beautiful’ and ‘gorgeous,’ others mocked the image as highly airbrushed and compared the gauzy background — a window in the White House residence — to 1990s school portrait settings.”

Sasha Stewart, formerly a writer for Comedy Central’s “The Nightly Show” posted a tweet asking, “Anyone know why Melania Trump’s portrait was taken in front of the Muppet Babies window?”

Other critics cited a line in the White House statement noting that the portrait was taken in Mrs. Trump’s “new residence at the White House.”

Mrs. Trump has broken with the tradition of modern first ladies accompanying their husbands to Washington and has remained in the Trump’s Manhattan residence awaiting the end of her son Barron’s school year.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s was criticized in 2009 for wearing a sleeveless dress in her first official portrait, with some contending that her bare arms were inappropriately casual.

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