Mexican and S. American Airlines Offering Free Flights for Immigrants to Get to U.S. Border

Cuban immigrants are being offered 30% discount airfare prices for adults and free airfare for children under 11 by Copa Airlines and Mexico’s Global Air to Juarez, Mexico for those wishing to cross over into the U.S. 2,500 Cubans have already taken advantage of this promotion to cross into El Paso, TX, while 1,300 more are awaiting flights. A charity organization known as Diocesan Migrant and Refugee Services have supported the endeavor by arranging family housing around the Texan-Mexican border for the immigrants.

This comes after President Barack Obama and his administration have been conducting policy to restrengthen ties with the communist nation of Cuba. Obama had visited the country last month. Around 40,000 Cubans have relocated to the U.S. through Central American and Mexican exchange services. Some of these immigrants have even become frustrated with the slow delay at processing centers, and have instead paid common smugglers to get them over the border.


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