Mexican Foreign Minister Admits No Increase in Deportations Under Trump

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Despite widespread panic and protesting over the last few weeks concerning the deportation of illegal immigrants from the United States, according to Mexico’s own foreign minister, there hasn’t been a rise in the number of deportations, as of yet, and deportations are slightly lower than they were this same time last year during the Obama administration.

Mexico’s Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray says, under President Trump, deportations haven’t risen but the number of calls to the consulate from worried Mexican citizens has increased sharply.

According to Reuters, Foreign Minister Videgaray gave a television interview where he explained that “the number of deported Mexicans was following the same trends as last year, and was even slightly lower.”

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Videgaray said the biggest issue they have now is handling the volume of phone calls from his worried citizens.

“It’s grown exponentially,” said Minister Videgaray. He said the people aren’t calling about increased raids, but they are asking many questions and have complaints about what they are hearing.

Protester took to the streets over the past few days to protest increased raids and arrests by U.S. federal immigration agents of hundreds of undocumented immigrants in four states, when in reality it was the same old “business as usual” enforcement the ICE officials have been conducting for years.


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