Mexican Restaurant Erupts in Massive Brawl

TX Dallas restaurant fight 2

Furniture started flying at the Taqueria El Paisano Mexican Restaurant when an argument between two people turned into a store-wide brawl.

From a video of the 2:30 a.m. incident on Saturday morning, it appears that two women got in an argument, then started fighting.   When the men tried to separate them, a bigger fight broke out, and soon dozens of people were involved, throwing punches, throwing furniture, pulling hair and pulling off shirts.  

The place cleared out in a hurry… and the entire melee was filmed by customer Isael Rojas, who then posted it on Facebook.

Police arrived about five minutes after the fighting began, but no arrests were made, according to NBC-DFW.  The restaurant is located in the 2900 block of Lombardy Lane in Dallas, Texas.

Rojas said he originally joked that they got in a fight over chips and salsa, but later said he doesn’t know what actually started the fight.





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