Mexico Hitting Back, Appoints Two New Tough Diplomats in US

Mexican flag 1

Protecting the rights of Mexicans in North America emphasized.   

In response to what many Mexicans consider outrageous comments by presidential candidate Donald Trump, Mexico has suddenly replaced their “low profile” ambassador to the U.S.

Newly appointed ambassador, who still must be confirmed by the Mexican senate, is Carlos Manuel Sada Solana, who has been consul general in Los Angeles for three years and previously served at Mexican consulates in New York, Chicago, Toronto and San Antonio.

According to the Mexican Foreign Ministry, the changes emphasized Sada’s “broad experience … protecting the rights of Mexicans in North America, as well as defending the interests of Mexico abroad.”

Additionally, Mexico named public relations expert Paulo Carreño to the post of undersecretary for North America in the Foreign Ministry.  He had been serving as the president’s czar for improving the image of Mexico and its government abroad.


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