Michelle Obama Being Recruited for Senate, And More…


Illinois Democrats are now eyeing First Lady Michelle Obama to possibly give a run for a Senate seat following the 2016 election, due to her popular presence amongst liberal millennial voters on the campaign trail this year. They have also considered her for possibly running for another electable office: Mayor of Chicago.

First Lady Obama has declared various times before about her desire to leave behind elective politics when her husband’s two terms are up this January in 2017. However, the persistence from many Democratic leaders and supporters may sway the soon-to-be former First Lady to run.

“There is no per­son in polit­ics that I think Demo­crats, in­de­pend­ents, and Re­pub­lic­ans would love to see take on pub­lic ser­vice more than the first lady,” Thomas Bowen, a former top aide to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, told media outlets. “We would encour­age her and put pres­sure on her [to run]. But we are also kind of real­ist­ic in our ex­pect­a­tions and take her at her word that it’s not something she wants to do right now. That doesn’t mean it won’t ever be an op­tion in the fu­ture, and we will wait faith­fully for her.”

Mayor Emanuel’s seat does indeed open up for election in 2019. “Ob­vi­ously she’d be qual­i­fied to run for just about any of­fice up and down the tick­et, but I think she has con­sist­ently talked about not hav­ing any in­terest in polit­ic­al of­fice,” Illinois Democratic Party Spokesman Steve Brown claims.

Another advocate of the First Lady’s political participation is her own husband, President Obama. “I’m looking forward to not only laying the groundwork for the next administration to pick up the baton and run with it, but I know Joe and Jill and I and Michelle will all continue to be involved after we’ve left this office in making sure that this works,” Obama said of he, Vice President Joe Biden and their wives.


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