Middle Eastern Woman Threatens Okla. Elementary School

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With wire hanging out of her purse, she repeatedly said she was there to “Take the kids to heaven.”

Local news reports that “police are treating the incident as a mental health issue rather than a criminal matter and the woman’s name will not be released.”

From News9.com – STILLWATER, Oklahoma – Westwood Elementary School in Stillwater, Oklahoma, was evacuated Wednesday morning after a woman showed up at the school and made threatening comments.

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According to Stillwater Superintendent, the woman, who has not been identified, does not have children at this school. Stillwater police held a news conference and said the woman is of Middle Eastern descent. She reportedly showed up at the school and said she was there to, “Take the kids to heaven.” The school was immediately evacuated.

Police said the woman was carrying a purse with wire hanging out. She did not have a weapon. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol bomb squad responded to the scene and examined the purse. They did not find anything suspicious in the purse.

All students are safe. They were evacuated to the Career Tech building at 7th and Walnut. Parents are asked to pick up their children with proper ID. In addition, everyone living within one block of Westwood Elementary were asked to go to Career Tech to allow police to complete safety procedures around the school. They are being allowed to go back home.

During the news conference, police also said that the woman had been having mental health concerns recently. She was taken into protective custody for a mental health evaluation….

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””] Other local news media reported the incident, but did NOT include the information that the woman was of Middle Eastern descent:  


Stillwater News Press:  Gibbs said the woman was taken into custody for a mental health evaluation. Police are treating the incident as a mental health issue rather than a criminal matter and the woman’s name will not be released.   [/pullquote]


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