MIGRANT CRISIS Is Sprouting Shanty Towns

Migrant Camps UK1 London

Homelessness, poverty and filth is becoming an epidemic, due to the hundreds and hundreds of migrants who have invaded the city.

At least 10 camp sites have sprouted up around the city, under bridges, in the woods, near the river, or the city park.  Shanties are built of old doors, pieces of wood, tarp, and whatever they can find.  Some even sleep in cars raised off their wheels to avoid the tax.   And everywhere they exist, there is filth, raw sewage, used toilet paper, empty bottles and trash of all kinds.  It is changing the landscape of London, and local residents have branded them a nuisance and want the mess cleaned up.  

The migrants are eastern Europeans from Romania, Bulgaria and Albania, many of them men who have left their families behind, and came to work as laborers, painters, plumbers and handy men.   They appear every day outside a local builders’ merchant, waiting to get picked up for any job available, offering to work for about $58 per day.   Local residents say they are driving down wages for local plumbers, painters and construction workers.

Migrant Camps UK2 London

The migrants say they want to bring their families also, but right now, many don’t, fearing their wives would be raped by other migrants.  So they are sending most of their money home, which leaves them with nothing to improve their own living conditions.   They have no bank account or work documents because they have no local address.

The thing they are fearing the most is the upcoming vote, as many in Britain are wanting to leave the European Union.   If that happens, they realize they could all be kicked out of the UK.  They’ll move on to Spain or Italy, the migrants say.

One local worker said, They’re knocking wages down.   I feel for them, but we can’t keep taking them in.”

  • Migrant Camps UK3 London




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