Number Of Migrants Claiming Benefits in Germany Skyrockets

angela merkel

The number of migrants claiming German welfare benefits soared by 169 percent last year, according to data released on Monday.

The Federal Statistics Office said Around 975,000 migrants were receiving benefits in accordance with the Act on Benefits for Asylum Seekers at the end of 2015, compared with 363,000 in 2014.

The increase in those claiming benefits is due to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision a year ago to open Germany’s door to Syrian refugees and others from around the world. Germany took in more than one million people.

While many Germans welcomed migrants when they started arriving in their country last summer, many seem to be regretting their country’s decision due to recent violent attacks on civilians carried out by migrants.

Due to the increase in benefit seekers and recent attacks, anti-immigrant groups such as the Alternative for Germany (AfD) have performed extremely well in the recent election. The AFD took second place in Sunday’s election and now has representation in nine of Germany’s 16 regional parliaments. This is likely to increase as Germany becomes more anti-migrant.

Reports show 91 percent of the migrants receiving aid got basic benefits such as food, housing, clothing and health as well as durable and non-durable household items. They even got cash for their own personal needs. This has angered many Germans, especially those in the poorer regions.


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