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The search has ended for Mark Dombroski, the 19-year-old college student from Pennsylvania who went missing in Bermuda Sunday night while on a rugby tour with Saint Joseph’s University.

He was supposed to leave Sunday with the rest of his team to return home, but did not show up for his flight. The rest of the team traveled back to Philadelphia, while head rugby coach Dan Yarusso stayed in Bermuda to search for the student, and his parents had flown to Bermuda.

Fox News reported Monday afternoon that the Bermuda Police have reported that Dombroski has been found dead.

A Bermuda police spokesman told The Associated Press that authorities found a body in their search for 19-year-old Mark Dombroski. Police did not reveal a cause of death.

“The search [for Dombroski] unfortunately has come to end end,” a spokesperson said Monday afternoon, according to The Royal Gazette.

Bermuda Police announced during a press conference Monday afternoon that Dombroski came to the island with his team on Thursday, and was last seen at a local bar around 12am Sunday.

The tournament finished on Saturday afternoon (March 17th). It then appears that Mark along with friends and family went out to socialise.

The last time he was seen by his family and friends was a few minutes after 12am Sunday, March 18th at The Dog House (a local restaurant and bar) on Front Street in the City of Hamilton.

At 9:39am Sunday, March 18th police were officially notified of his disappearance by a family member. Police enacted their missing person protocols and commenced trying to locate Mark, including a concerted media and social media campaign, which saw updates throughout the day and night.

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