Friday, we reported that the third most popular male name in Austria for 2017 is “Muhammed,” an indicator of a major cultural change.

However, “Mohamed” is also the third most popular name in St. Cloud, Minnesota, according to a new report from the St. Cloud Hospital. And it has shot up the charts rather quickly, in the city that has become a major hotbed for thousands of Somali refugees.

According to St. Cloud Hospital’s 2016 list, “Mohamed” was ranked number 5, and on the 2015 list, it was ranked number six.

The SC Times, a USA Today affiliate, reported on the 2017 list from St. Cloud Hospital on Friday, but did not remark on the skyrocketing popularity of “Mohamed,” instead drawing attention to the meaning of more American-sounding names.

The report did note that the two most nationally popular names, Atticus and Charlotte, are not on the top-ten St. Cloud, MN list at all. See the 2016 list below.

Top 10 St. Cloud Hospital boys Names for 2017

  1. Henry — “ruler of the house”
  2. Liam — “strong mind, protection”
  3. Mohamed — “to praise or thank, praiseworthy”
  4. Jack — “God is merciful”
  5. Nolan — “famous, son of Nuallain”
  6. William — “strong mind, protection”
  7. Jackson — “son of Jack, God is gracious”
  8. Logan — “from a small hill, little hollow”
  9. Wyatt — “courageous in battle”
  10. Grayson — “son of the steward”

Top 10 St. Cloud Hospital girls Names for 2017

  1. Ava — “living and breathing, desired, voice or sound”
  2. Isabella — “promise of God”
  3. Emma — “universal woman, whole”
  4. Olivia — “olive”
  5. Amelia — “hard-working”
  6. Addison — “Adam’s child”
  7. Claire — “bright and clear”
  8. Evelyn — “longed for, desired”
  9. Salma — “to be safe, peaceful”
  10. Stella — “star, pillar”

In reference to Europe, Breitbart noted Friday that “Great Britain’s Muslim population has grown so much that Muhammad has topped the list of names for newborn baby boys in the whole of England and Wales every year since 2011, when slight variations in spelling are taken into account.”