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A London man has been charged with attempted murder after driving a car into a crowd outside of a nightclub just before midnight on Saturday, in the United Kingdom.

Mohammed Abdul, 21, is alleged to have plowed a Suzuki Vitara over people outside of Blake’s nightclub, leaving 13 people injured, KentOnline reported.

Witness Elena Napolitello, 18, said that she and a friend were “standing in front of the bar in the marquee, waiting for our coats to be taken to the cloakroom [when] all of a sudden, I saw multiple people falling backwards onto us, and so I was confused as to what was happening.”

Napolitello said she then “saw the headlights of the car coming towards me and my friend and we got pushed backwards by one of our friends to get us into safety. I could see everyone surrounding this 4×4, but there was nowhere for us to go, so we had to hide in the back of the marquee. Everyone was shouting to ‘get down and hide’, which is what we were doing.”

According to Napolitello, people were “kicking and punching the car trying to stop it and then the next minute I could see the guy on the floor. I didn’t see him very clearly because everyone was surrounding him.”

Senior investigating officer Detective Chief Inspector David Chewter from the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate said, “We have reason to believe the person responsible for the vehicle colliding with the nightclub had been asked to leave the venue earlier on in the evening.”

Chewter expressed his appreciation to “the security staff at the nightclub as well as those members of the public who helped” after what he described as “the collision”, and noted that “many people” were injured in “the incident.” None of the sustained injuries were described as life-threatening.

The attack is not being treated as terror-related.

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