Mom Holds Burglar To The Ground Until Police Arrive

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Sarah Kessick, of Hansford, WV, pulled into her driveway Tuesday just in time to see a man walking out her front door, carrying her chainsaw, and she wasn’t about to let him get away with it.

She told her four children, who were in the vehicle with her, to stay in the vehicle and lock the doors. Kessick jumped out and chased the man, who ran into her back yard. In the scuffle, he fell, dropping the stolen items – her gun, her tablet and her chainsaw.

Kessick said she knew she had to keep him away from the gun. She still had her phone in one hand, but she grabbed the chainsaw and started hitting him with it, which stunned him enough to allow her to call 911 while still holding the man down. She held him there until police arrived to take over.  (911 Call audio and news video below.)

“Hopefully he never messes with me again,” said the single mom, who declared she was just protecting what was hers. And to make matters worse, he even raided her refrigerator.

The burglar has been identified as Travis Hudnall, 31. Kessick remembered seeing him in the neighborhood the day before, watching her. Kanawha County deputies said he is charged with burglary.



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