The money Trump owes lenders disclosed

According to a 98-page disclosure document released by the US Office of Government Ethics Friday, President Trump had personal liabilities of at least $315.6 million owed to lenders as of April 2017.

His liabilities stack up against an income of $594 million for the year of 2016 and assets totaling 1.4 billion.

Trump’s two biggest sources of revenue are listed as Trump National Doral resort golf course in Miami, and Mar-a-Lago resort, which brought in $115.9 million and $37.5 million respectively. The $37.5 accrued by Mar-a-Lago represented a 25% increase in revenues after members’ fees increased to $200,000 when Trump won the presidency.

Revenue from Trump Corporation, his real-estate management company, nearly tripled to $18 million. Trump’s Bedminister, New Jersey, golf club took in $19.75 million.

Trump owed as much as $130 million to German banking and finance giant Deutsche Bank AG, and $110 million to Ladder Capital, an American commercial real estate investment bank.

The document also showed Trump held officer positions in 565 corporations or other entities before becoming U.S. president.

“President Trump welcomed the opportunity to voluntarily file his personal financial disclosure form,” the White House said in a statement, adding that the form was “certified by the Office of Government Ethics pursuant to its normal procedures.”


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