More Details on Muslim Gunman At Walmart

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More information has been released on the gunman who fired shots and took two hostages in an Amarillo Wal-mart store Tuesday, just two days after the Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida.

Mohammad Moghaddam, 54, immigrated to the U.S. with his family from Iran, officials have reported.   Amarillo Globe News reports the family briefly lived in the Bronx of New York before moving to Amarillo.   Their home in Amarillo was purchased in November 2004.   Previous reports that he was from Somalia were incorrect.

Moghaddam’s wife, Leila Gachlou, also works at Walmart, and their children, Adel, 30 and Atefeh, 27 were at home while the hostage incident was occurring.  His daughter, Adel, said, “I saw him this morning. He was happy and ate breakfast and then went to work.”

Moghaddam took a gun with him to work, however, had a dispute with his manager, fired shots inside the store, and took two hostages at gunpoint – the manager and one other store employee – holding them in an office in the back of the store.

Amarillo Police SWAT officers went inside the store, and shot and killed Moghaddam as he came running out of the office chasing one of the hostages.

The Amarillo Globe questioned the two refugee resettlement organizations in the area, Refugee Services of Texas and Catholic Charities, but neither would confirm whether or not they helped the Moghaddam family to relocate to Amarillo.

Police have classified the case as workplace violence and state the incident was not terrorist-related.

A second incident occurred in Texas on Wednesday, when a Muslim man from Iraq was arrested in Denton for making terror threats.


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