More Than 400 Animals Removed from a Home in Long Island

Birds. Turtles. Skunks. Rabbits. CHINCHILLAS. Those are only a small fraction among 400 animals removed from a Bellmore, long Island home Tuesday morning, the Nassau County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said. After numerous complaints from neighbors about the smell, dirtiness and noise, officials raided the house.

Gary Rogers of Nassau SPCA said that some animals were living in their own feces and dirty water. “There is a lack of wholesome, fresh, sanitary air in the upstairs where the birds are,” he said. “It’s a condition that you wouldn’t want to live in, and we have a responsibility not to leave the animals there either.”

The craziest part is that this has happened before. In a similar raid at the same home last August, authorities removed an alligator. Back then the homeowner was told to clean up. Now he will most likely face criminal charges. See the video below:

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