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Today is August 8 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1-BIKERS take control, screw COVID
Crowds of motorcycle enthusiasts gathered in Sturgis, S.D., Friday for the start of the 80th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally despite concerns over the coronavirus pandemic that has led to cancellations of other large-scale gatherings since the outbreak.

The rally could become the largest gathering since the pandemic began. Organizers were expecting 250,000 people from all over the country to make at the 10-day event. Many bikers were defiant over the restrictions that have altered daily life for most Americans.

“Screw COVID,” read the design on one T-shirt being sold. “I went to Sturgis.”

Republican Gov. Kristi Noem has taken a largely hands-off approach to the pandemic, avoiding a mask mandate and preaching personal responsibility. She supported holding the Sturgis rally, pointing out that no virus outbreak was documented from the several thousand people who turned out to see President Donald Trump and fireworks at Mount Rushmore last month.

DML: God I love the bikers. And did you read the “We are doomed” in the tweet above this commentary. “We are doomed” links to a NY TIMES story. What a snowflake. The media has done some job at issuing nonsense panic.

2-Freed from jail amid coronavirus, VA rape suspect kills accuser
A Virginia rape suspect, who was released from jail because of concerns regarding the new coronavirus, went on to kill the woman who had accused him, according to police.

The Washington Post was first to report that Ibrahim E. Bouaichi shot and killed the woman in late July, after he was released April 9, according to the newspaper and Alexandria police.

Bouaichi was indicted last year on charges that included rape, strangulation and abduction. The woman, whom police identified as Karla Elizabeth Dominguez Gonzalez, testified against him in Alexandria District Court in December.

He was jailed without bond in Alexandria – until the pandemic hit. Bouaichi’s lawyers argued that he should be freed awaiting trial because the virus endangered inmates and their attorneys. He was released on a $25,000 bond over the objections of a prosecutor.

DML: So this POS scum was permitted to leave confinement because of concern he would get the COVID sniffles, maybe a sore throat and stuffy nose.  But the death of an innocent person was not as important?  The US is so out of control it’s impossible to describe in words.

3-US appeals court denies bid to resurrect Bundy standoff case
A U.S. appeals court refused Thursday to resurrect the criminal case against states’ rights figure Cliven Bundy, family members and others stemming from a 2014 armed standoff with federal agents trying to round up Bundy cattle near the family ranch in Nevada.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal in San Francisco denied prosecutors’ efforts to overturn U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro’s decision to stop a months-long trial in January 2018 for “flagrant” prosecutorial misconduct and her dismissal of the criminal indictment so it could not be re-filed.

“The judgment is affirmed,” Judge Jay Bybee wrote for the three-judge panel that heard oral arguments May 29. The judges found Navarro properly identified violations of “recognized statutory or constitutional” rights, and she had the authority to punish the government “to deter future illegal conduct.”

DML: Having been there firsthand with my camera covering the story for Fox News, and considering I interviewed the Bundy sons from prison, I can tell you without hesitation that the attempt of giving these men life in prison for protecting their cattle and homestead while the ANTIFA thugs who burn down police stations and rip down statues without any punishment is a sin.

4-Trump says he will suspend payroll tax
President Trump said Friday he would defer the payroll tax until the end of the year, using an executive order. The tax would continue to be deferred until the end of 2020, the president said, and would likely be retroactive from July 1.

He said that by the end of 2020 the payroll tax break could be extended. “Hopefully I’ll be here to do the job,” Trump said, hinting at the results of Election Day.

The president also said he would extend unemployment benefits, defer student loan payments and interest, and extend the eviction moratorium as well as an order requiring health insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions.

“If Democrats continue to hold this critical relief hostage, I will act under my authority as president to get Americans the relief they need,” he said. The president said that the lawyers were drawing up the executive orders and that they could be signed by the end of the week.

DML: I really hope he carries through with this!

5-Susan Rice sells Netflix shares, VP rumors fly

Former Obama national security advisor Susan Rice has sold a large chunk of her Netflix shares as speculation rises that she is a top contender to be Joe Biden’s vice presidential running mate. Rice has served as a Netflix board member since 2018.

Rice exercised options to sell her shares at a price of $508.68, according to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday. The Wall Street Journal estimated that Rice exercised about a quarter of her options, netting about $305,000 from the sale.

DML: There is no reason to sell the shares if she is the VP choice.  If Biden picks her for VP he is dumber than he sounds.  She offers nothing.  He doesn’t get a swing state, nor does she represent any “wow” to his campaign.

6-Biden Suggests Trump’s Coronavirus Vaccine Won’t Be Safe
Presumed Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden this week indicated that U.S. President Donald Trump’s rush to develop a coronavirus vaccine in record time may not yield a safe and effective product that the public can trust.

“People don’t believe that he is telling the truth [about the safety of the vaccine candidates],” Biden asserted. “Therefore, they’re not at all certain they’re going to take the vaccine.”

“It’s not likely to go through all the tests and the trials that are needed to be done,” he added, referring to the potential vaccine.

Biden’s made those comments on Tuesday, after Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease doctor in the U.S. government, assured lawmakers that the rush to develop the vaccine would not jeopardize the final product’s safety.

DML: Biden. Fauci.  Allowing these two over-the-hill swamp creatures to shape the COVID debate is like allowing two drunk idiots with low IQs and crappy eyesight to fly a commercial jet.

DML PARTING WORDS: Yesterday I was at the rally for Trump in Montauk, NY.  It was a parade of boats showing support for the president.  My estimate is 100 boats, give or take a few, showed up with enthusiasm and patriotism flowing through the waters.   No masks required, no Democrats tearing down statues, no Black Lives Matter idiots burning cars and stealing stuff.  Just people engaged in all-American fun.  Just smart conservatives coming together in celebration of Trump winning 2020.  With this said, it was great to feel healthy and strong.  It was great knowing that my immune system is ready for whatever the world wants to send my way.  I love my DML CBD, and I don’t care what any rat lab chaser says, healthy people shouldn’t need to be locked down and closed off from other people.  Lets focus on the words of smart doctors who actually treat patients and not lab rats; lets zoom in on the God given immune system.  Right now we are running an insanely great special which appears to be ending this week due to inventory shortages we predict will hit as sales continue to rise.  We are giving away more free DML CBD this month than we are selling.  Don’t be a brainless Democrat, do not miss out on this offer.  Go now to  


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    • Are you talking about Lavoy Finicum?? Patty? I heartily AGREE. Gross human connected to Hillary, Bill, Obama that all got together to assassinate Lavoy Finicum. I live next door to this MURDER and watched every second of it. This entire episode got me firmly on the wagon that our government doesn’t give a crap about us peon peasants!

      If you aren’t talking about Mr. Finicum, you should go look this up. 2016, January. Too many people were on the side of the FBI, the BLM, and all of the other LEOs that went out to kill a great American, one that was simply trying to educate others about what our government is doing. And how to not just roll over and accept being threatened and killed by our own government during an incredibly passive stance. This one incident was proof we peon peasants have got to start working together not against each other for namby-pamby issues such as RACIAL crapola. Gender crapola. Religious crapola. Political crapola that we will never understand the import. Quit calling yourself by the club names: Democrats (should be very embarrassed, euuww), Republicans that my parents were, staunch, and I therefore was a Democrat? Forget THAT club for me, I am NO CLUB! Independent, Libertarian? All gross and distracted humans that have to belong to a club). We need some scientific study to figure out WHY money and more and more of it causes pedophilia. The more money we have the more access to a stimulus to make those that are so rich they are above the law FEEL STIMULATED. This Adrenochrome is flat out our lowest level as Homo sapiens sapiens. Wise, Wise Man. We all have to WORK TOGETHER TO MAKE A NEW way to govern a civilization using our oh so big BRAINS. Biden is GROSS!!! Hillary is a serial killer. Trump is a wildcard and lately, there have been a few rays of hope.

  1. Susan Rice does bring something to the Biden Campaign if the well thought out plan is successful.. A third term for Obama.Biden will pick Rice. Should Biden be elected he will serve month or two and then hand over the office to Rice. She has no desire to be president and will decline the offer of President and Lobby for Obama to serve as President in her place, granting him a third term. The left will go crazy with anticipaton and there will be many demonstrations. What will the Republicans do? Your guess is as good as mine. However I hope we wake up.

  2. The POTUS office is a useless occupation. Presidents are only powerful when they are in the media. Seriously, the rest of us need to go get LOTS of schooling to compete in the market. Why is there not a school for presidential candidates? The stuff one has to know to be effective is enormous. I for one would like to see SCORES after completing assignments of the School of Presidential Arts. THEN I might start voting. If I find that voting actually works in this country. We yak and yak and yak about candidates, taking sides in political parties, yet not one of the candidates for president is ever qualified. Trump has more qualifications for this stupid JOB than anyone I’ve contemplated voting for. A total WILDCARD. He is able to not be BOUGHT by the true rulers of this country (USAcorp)…ummmm….as easily as most candidates and groomed candidates. A serious rearranging of our governing bodies, making every American recite our protected inalienable rights verbatim. Our schools need better education in the government and judicial and enforcement areas of our Constitution. Kids recite the Koran, why can’t we recite our Constitution? I say get rid of money and banks and those too rich for their inbred brain cells good. We need another type of civilization/government/law and order methods that take Human frailties out of the picture altogether.

  3. We peon peasants are not doing our job…OUR JOB. The Elite and those ‘in power’ are OUR EMPLOYEES! not the other way round!!


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