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Today is Feb 17, I am DML, and these are the headlines shaping this President’s Day.  Read them, share them, and remain the smartest person in the room by using your DML NEWS APP all throughout the day.

1-Two chartered flights carrying quarantined passengers arrive in US
A pair of State Department-chartered flight carrying Americans from the coronavirus-infected Diamond Princess cruise ship arrived at Travis Air Force Base in California and Lackland Air Force Base in Texas early Monday morning. Hundreds of American passengers who had been quarantined on the cruise ship left Japan Monday on the two planes en route to the United States — with 14 of the passengers infected and isolated in a “specialized containment area.”

Fox News reports that the 46 Americans who tested positive on the cruise ship were told to remain in Japan to be treated for the virus that has killed an estimated 1,765 people and infected over 70,000 globally, according to Princess Cruise media relations. Buses had transported U.S passengers with assistance from Japanese troops from the ship to Haneda Airport in Tokyo.

DML: Over the weekend I looked more into the conoronavirus, and let me say this is a dangerous virus that if spread here int he US, will hurt the economy for Trump just time for the election. Not good.

2-Daytona 500 postponed to Monday afternoon following rain delays
NASCAR officials postponed the Daytona 500 to Monday afternoon, following a series of rain delays shortly after President Trump appeared at the race, told drivers to start their engines and rode a ceremonial parade lap in his presidential limousine, “The Beast,” on Sunday.The race will resume Monday at 4 p.m. ET, officials said.

The postponement came after two lengthy delays totaling over three hours. The first delay came moments after Trump’s motorcade completed a ceremonial parade lap around the 2 1/2-mile track.

DML: The Left is going crazy of the president’s appearance at the race, and this is why he continues to win.  The Left can’t think straight.

3-Devin Nunes says Trump ‘has to tweet’ to combat ‘hard left’ media after Barr backlash
House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes, R-Calif., fired back at Democrats who criticized Attorney General William Barr for his role in former Trump associate Roger Stone’s sentencing and defended the president’s use of Twitter after he used the platform to comment about the ongoing criminal case.

“What’s happening here with Barr, I think people need to understand that he’s cleaning up the mess from not only the Obama administration but also the mess that was left with the whole Russia-gate fiasco,” Nunes said over the weekend.

DML: Keep tweeting.  But take a break from attacking Barr.  We need him.

4- Sanders fearing Mayor Mike
Leading candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders is spending a ton of time attacking Mike Bloomberg, as the former mayor from New York gains steam in the primaries.  Bloomberg is reportedly looking into the idea of making Hillary Clinton his running mate.  Sanders has responded by calling the former mayor a racist because of his use of “stop and frisk” while serving his three terms in New York City.

DML: When they use the term “racist”, it means they are scared.  I will speak about this today on DML LIVE, which is at 10:30am on

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