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Today is March 19, and I am DML. The stories below are catching headlines today. Read them, share them, and use the DML NEWS APP all day to remain the smartest person in the room. And don’t forget, my special virus coverage continues with two shows per day on The first program is at 10:30am EST, and the second at 8:30pm.

1- Italy grows worse as China gets better

BEIJING (AP) — Thursday was a day of contrasts on the front lines of the battle against the new coronavirus. In a sign of hope, the Chinese city of Wuhan reported no new homegrown infections, but in a stark warning for the world, Italy appeared set to surpass China’s death toll from the virus.

Italy with 60 million people braces to see more carnage than China, a nation of 1.4 billion. Italy registered 2,978 deaths on Wednesday after another 475 people died. Given that Italy has been averaging more than 350 deaths a day since March 15, it’s likely to overtake China’s 3,249 dead when Thursday’s figures are released at day’s end.

DML: Lets keep in mind the US isn’t Italy, which has the second oldest population in the world.  Most of their dead are over 70.

2- Stocks set to take another loss Thursday
Futures contracts tied to the major U.S. stock indexes pointed to more losses at the open Thursday, building on the previous session’s steep losses as the coronavirus crisis rages on. As of 7:58 a.m. ET, Dow Jones Industrial Average futures were down more than 500 points, implying an opening loss of more than 400 points. S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 futures also fell.

DML: This should come as no new news to my subscribers.  On both yesterday morning and last night I explained why this will happen, and urged people to listen.  Friday thru Sunday will be horrible. All the reporting will be bad.

3- Leaked plan shows ugly picture
A 100-page contingency plan recently delivered to government policymakers says the coronavirus crisis in the U.S. could stretch on for 18 months – and possibly longer, according to a report.

The nation could see “multiple waves” of the outbreak, possibly causing widespread shortages of key goods – and potentially affecting the level of health care available to the public, the plan says, according to The New York Times.

DML: And in another worst case scenario, a portion of Mars may break off and slam into Earth, causing carnage on mass scale.  Grab your babies and run.  Not sure where to, but just run.

4- Netanyahu accused of using virus to advantage
With the Israeli government enacting a series of emergency measures to stem the spread of the new coronavirus, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing growing accusations that he is exploiting the crisis to entrench himself in power and undermining the country’s democratic foundations.

Amid a wave of sweeping restrictions that have put Israel in near shutdown mode, Netanyahu has managed to postpone his own pending criminal trial, authorize unprecedented electronic surveillance of Israeli citizens and block parliament from pressing ahead with legislation aimed at pushing him from office.

DML: Defend your nation from Islamic radicals and what kind of thanks do you get? They want to hang you.  No wonder BiBi and Trump get along so well.

5- John was feeling bad, now he is feeling great after just 3 days on Miracle Me and DML PURE
“I am feeling like crap,” texted John.  “Everything hurts, I am achy and my hip is killing me.”  He went on to ask, “I think I am going to buy some Miracle Me for the hip and DML CBD for the aches and pains.”   John purchased an 8oz bottle of Miracle Me, and a bottle of DML PURE CBD TINCTURE OIL, 1000mg.  The text I received three days later reads, “Wow! Just 3 days after taking the tinctures I feel normal again, and the Miracle Me is working wonders on my hip.  No kidding, I ran 5 miles yesterday pain free.”

DML: John is one of my best friends.  Due to the chaos going on right now across the country, we are very light on supply and fear it could stay that way as more businesses shut down.  Please consider going to and get your supplies now!


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