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Written by DML
Today is March 30, I am DML, and the stories below are catching headlines.

1-US braces for large death toll; Trump extends virus guidelines
President Donald Trump is bracing the nation for a death toll that could exceed 100,000 people. Trump extended restrictive social distancing guidelines through April, bowing to public health experts who presented him with even more dire projections for the expanding coronavirus pandemic.

It was a stark shift in tone by the president, who only days ago mused about the country reopening and being ”raring to go” in time for Easter.

DML: The death rate is rising, the White House is nervous.  I spoke about this on my Facebook LIVE Sunday night, and I will speak about it today at 10:30am on

2-COVID19 showing up twice in same person
As many as 10% of recovered coronavirus patients in China tested positive again after being discharged from the hospital, according to a report. Doctors on the front lines of the outbreak in Wuhan, China — where the virus emerged — reported that between 3 and 10% of cured patients became reinfected with the illness, though it’s unclear whether they were contagious the second time, the South China Morning Post reported.

Tongji Hospital, which identified the first COVID-19 case, confirmed that five of 145 patients — a little over 3% — tested positive again in nucleic acid tests, according to state broadcaster CCTV.

DML: The US has more than 2,500 dead, and nearly 150k cases.  This is not good!  You must boost your immune system.  More on this below. #5

3-Stocks remain flat, as nation’s heartbeat fizzles
U.S. stock futures were mostly flat lower Monday morning, following sharp gains last week, as the number of coronavirus cases in the U.S. continues to rise at an alarming rate. Dow Jones Industrial Average futures were off by 12 points. S&P 500 futures were slightly higher. Nasdaq 100 futures were up by 0.3%. A 5% drop in crude prices weighed on the market as big declines in oil has triggered selling in other areas of the markets. Earlier, futures had pointed to opening gains.

DML: Stocks are uncertain because the message out of the White House changes on a daily basis.  One minute it’s we don’t need ventilators, then the tweets demanding ventilators come ten hours later.  One minute it’s April 12 the nation will resume operations, then it’s April 30.  Less would be more in the messaging campaign.

4- Spain beats China
Spain on Monday became the third country to surpass China in infections after the United States and Italy. With a population of only 47 million to China’s 1.4 billion, Spain’s tally of infections reached 85,195, an 8% rise from the previous day. Spain also reported 812 new deaths, raising its overall virus death toll to 7,300.

DML: The numbers out of China cannot be trusted, but they appear to be getting back to normal.  Life is resuming in China.

5- Thank you DML
Each day, for a very long time, I have placed a testimonial in this section of my morning newsletter.  Today, I want to insert the words of a new trend.  I am getting a high number of thank you notes for offering so much free DML CBD.  I appreciate the thank you notes, I really do!  But I don’t need them — I am not giving so much for free because I want your thanks, but rather I want your health.  I was your life to be healthy in every way, and so I hope you will continue to be smart, and to love others, and to remain vigilant during these times.  Do not think this cannot happen to you — this meaning, COVID19.   I have launched our 2 free bottle campaign again, and last night after hitting Facebook LIVE, we had a record number of orders in a matter of 19 minutes.  I feared the website would crash.  Please, please, please, if you care about your immune system, go to either, or and take advantage of our free CBD offers.  Do not wait.  The longer you wait, the longer it takes to get you started.  Each order is shipped in the order it is received.  Share with your friends and family too!  We are giving 2 free bottles for all orders of 3pack tinctures, and 3pack softgels.


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