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Today is March 31, I am DML, and the stories below are catching headlines this morning.

1-Trump focused on the numbers
The AP reports that White House officials are relying on statistical models to help predict the impact of the coronavirus outbreak and try to protect as many people as possible.

The public could get its first close look at the Trump administration’s own projections Tuesday at the daily briefing. High numbers of potential deaths estimated under different models have focused President Donald Trump’s attention. He’s dropped talk of reopening the country by Easter and instead called on Americans to stay home for another month and avoid social contact.

DML:I don’t understand the math?  How do we go from 3,000 dead now, to 200,000 dead by December if the deaths are about to peak?  Something doesn’t tie.

2-US deaths top 3k
The U.S. hit a grim milestone on Monday after health officials announced the 3,000th coronavirus-related death in the country, with about 900 from New York City alone, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. New York is currently the U.S. epicenter of the virus and has over 67,000 cases. Over a third of all deaths in the country have occurred in the state.

DML: I should have moved to Florida.

3-CNN host wants networks to drop Trump pressers
CNN anchor Don Lemon suggested on Monday night that his network shouldn’t carry President Trump’s daily coronavirus briefings because they’ve become his “new rallies.”

“I have said I don’t think that you should really listen to what he says, you should listen to what the experts say,” Lemon told his colleague Chris Cuomo during their nightly handoff. “I’m not actually sure, if you want to be honest, that we should carry that live. I think we should run snippets. I think we should do it afterwards and get the pertinent points to the American people because he’s never, ever going to tell you the truth.”

He continued, “And guess what he’s gonna do. If you ask a question that is a legitimate question- and if he doesn’t like the question, he’s gonna say whether you’re being mean or not or whatever he wants to call it, he’s gonna say, ‘That is a mean, nasty question.’ Why? Because he wants his base to think that the media is being mean to him and they’re attacking him. It is all a plot! It is all orchestrated. And if you can’t see it, I don’t know what you’re looking at. It’s obvious, it’s transparent to me. This has become- those press briefings have become his new ‘Apprentice.’ They’ve become his new rallies. And he treats the press and the media as if he’s talking to the people at his rallies. It’s the same thing. It’s no different except the audience isn’t there.”

DML: Don Lemon.  Lets not forget this is the guy who gets drunk on LIVE TV, and he was accused by a man in NY of putting his hand on his own private parts and then wiping his hand on his accuser’s face while at a bar.  In other words, Lemon is a lemon.

4-Dr tells Tucker Carlson how COVID19 works
Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday that an experimental drug typically used to treat HIV and breast cancer may be a promising treatment for the coronavirus.

On Friday, the Daily Mail reported that two coronavirus patients in New York City were moved out of the intensive care unit after taking leronlimab, which is said to calm the immune system’s overly aggressive response to the virus that could lead to pneumonia or death. The Daily Mail reported that the patients went from being on ventilators in the ICU to a regular hospital in a matter of days.

“In other words, people out there should know it’s not the virus itself that is causing this pneumonia. It’s an exuberant immune response … a storm of immune cells. This new drug blocks that, while at the same time revving up your own regular immune response. And it looks very promising at keeping people off of ventilators — or if they’re on ventilators, getting them off ventilators by decreasing this inflammation.”

DML: DML CBD acts the same way.  The storm of immune cells is actually called a cytokine storm.  CBD controls the cytokine storm in the same was described by the doctor.  Maybe this is why everyone I know on DML CBD isn’t getting sick?  It will be interesting to learn more as we go.  Meanwhile, I am thrilled to be a user of my DML CBD.

5- Now is the time to be on DML CBD
Two inbox emails worth sharing.  The first comes in from Jerry: “I purchased your CBD products to give out to my entire family after watching your Facebook LIVE concerning how CBD helps the immune system.  We appreciate the opportunity to get so many items for free.”

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