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Today is Veterans Day.  Here are the stories I am following.

1- Battle over impeachment inquiry witness list gives possible preview of fireworks awaiting televised public hearings this week
The battle between House Democrats and Republicans over the list of witnesses for public testimony as part of the ongoing impeachment inquiry of President Trump may be a harbinger of the partisan rancor that awaits the hearings that will come to television screens nationwide this week. House Republicans over the weekend submitted a list of witnesses they would like to call for public testimony during the impeachment inquiry. That list included list Hunter Biden, son of former Vice President Joe Biden,  and his former business partner Devon Archer, former Democratic National Committee consultant Alexandra Chalupa, and the anonymous whistleblower whose complaint about Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky led to the impeachment inquiry.

DML: Are we bored yet?

2-Mother’s last words to her kids before Mexican cartel slayings revealed
A Mormon teen who walked 14 miles to get help for his siblings who were attacked by Mexican drug cartel gunmen recalled how his mother warned the family to ‘get down’ before she was fatally shot last Monday. ‘Get down right now!’ were the last words from Dawna Langford to her eight children, two of which ended up dying, 13-year-old Devin Langford told ABC News in an interviewed that aired on “World News Tonight” on Sunday.

DML: War against the cartels is the only solution.

3-Video show Hong Kong police shooting protester as tensions boil
Video posted online shows police in Hong Kong apparently shooting a protester in the stomach at close range during the Monday morning rush-hour commute. The video, which was posted on Facebook by online video outlet Cupid Producer, showed a police officer collaring one protester and then seemingly shooting another who approached.

DML: Communism…Made in China.

4- Veterans Day
Today is Veterans Day and we at TeamDML want to thank all the veterans for their service to America.  God bless you all.

5- DML launches MIRACLE ME CBD. 
Today at 12pm I will tweet a link to what I think it the most amazing pain relief product that you will ever buy.  Be sure to use the DML NEWS APP to get the alert.

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