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Today is November 19, and here are the stories I am watching.

1-Dems’ big week of Trump impeachment hearings begin
Beginning Tuesday morning, in a rush of five public hearings ahead of the Thanksgiving recess, eight witnesses — including several who have provided inconsistent accounts of key events — are set to testify over three days in what could be a make-or-break week in House Democrats’ impeachment investigation. A key impeachment figure: Though he’s not slated to testify until Wednesday, the key witness expected to come up throughout the week is Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland, who repeatedly has frustrated Democrats’ narrative by contradicting several other key witnesses in the probe.

DML: This will play out to be a bigger bomb than Ben Affleck’s last movie. (You’re probably wondering… what was Ben’s last movie?… My point, exactly).

2-Criminal charges expected against Epstein guards
Two correctional officers responsible for guarding Jeffrey Epstein when he took his own life are expected to face criminal charges this week for falsifying prison records, according to a report. The federal charges could come as soon as Tuesday, two people familiar with the matter told The Associated Press. The charges would be the first in connection with the death of Epstein, the wealthy financier who died Aug. 10 at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York while awaiting trial on charges of sexually abusing teenage girls.

DML: In mystery novels, these two are often referred to as “the fall guys.”

3- New Epstein victim emerges
A woman who came forward Monday with accusations of child sex abuse against Epstein described a disturbing encounter with the now-deceased sex offender, said she took former President Bill Clinton’s seat on the “Lolita Express,” and noted bizarre bedroom floors made of mattress foam and being encouraged to cry after sex with the disgraced money man.

DML: Gee, I wonder how Clinton may tie to those two prison guards?

4-Hong Kong police surround 100 protesters at university
About 100 anti-government protesters remained holed up at a Hong Kong university Tuesday as a police siege of the campus entered its third day. City leader Carrie Lam said 600 people had left the Hong Kong Polytechnic campus, including 200 who are under 18 years old. Police have surrounded the university and are arresting anyone who leaves. Groups of protesters made several attempts to escape Monday, including sliding down hoses to waiting motorcycles, but it wasn’t clear if they evaded arrest, according to the Associated Press. Universities became the latest battleground last week in the Hong Kong protest movement, now in its fifth month.

DML: Radical stuff going on in China.  Perhaps they need to send in AOC and her farting cows, that will clear out the buildings for sure.

5- Miracle Me CBD enables grandmother to start kickboxing!
No joke… Got this message from TeamDML member Amy Pritchett who was selected to use Miracle Me before it ships nationwide on December 10.  Here is what she writes: “I am pretty psyched! I haven’t been able to exercise in months. I had a really bad fall on Mother’s Day and jammed my shoulder into the bannister at my daughter’s house. The dog ran up the stairs with me and unintentionally shoved me into said bannister. Fast forward to August when I started taking DML PURE CBD oil then switched to capsules. Almost two weeks ago started out using MiracleMe on that shoulder and my left arm where I get recurring tendonitis. I went back to the gym today and worked out vigorously, kickboxing and punching bag! Hallelujah! I absolutely feel great again!”

DML: Why are you living in pain?  Why are you not giving yourself the chance to feel great again?  Go to and get started NOW, preorder Miracle Me before inventory runs out!

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