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Today is Nov 22, and here are the stories I am following.

1- Stocks set to collapse?

Bridgewater, the world’s biggest hedge fund, has bet more than $1 billion that stock markets around the world will fall by March, the Wall Street Journal scoops.

DML: I know I have my short positions on too.  This does not help Trump 2020.   He best have a plan.

2-Next steps in impeachment
According to Axios, after seven public hearings with 12 witnesses over five days, the impeachment inquiry moves to a new stage: a public report and a handoff to the House Judiciary Committee. House Intelligence Committee staffers have been drafting a report that they plan to deliver to Judiciary in the next few weeks that lays out their case for impeachment.

DML: And the Republican Senate just shakes its head.

3- BiBi says it aint so
Benjamin Netanyahu, facing indictments for bribery, fraud and breach of trust, is the first Israeli prime minister to face criminal charges. The biggest allegation claims he gave Israel’s leading telecommunications tycoon regulatory benefits worth hundreds of millions of dollars in return for favorable news coverage. Netanyahu denounced the charges as an “attempted coup” and a witch hunt, planning a public campaign against the attorney general, state prosecutors and the police.

DML: BiBi is Israel’s version of Trump.  Keeps everyone safe but gets killed for doing so by the press.

4-Facebook and political ads in debate
Facebook “is discussing increasing the minimum number of people who can be targeted in political ads on its platform from 100 to a few thousand,” writes the Wall Street Journal. Big Tech is attempting “to make it less easy for advertisers to microtarget, which has been criticized as enabling political actors to single out groups for misleading or false ads that aren’t seen by the broader public.” Google announced this week that it would no longer allow political ad targeting that uses information inferred from users’ search histories, while Twitter said last month that it would ban most political ads.

DML: If you vote based on something you saw in an ad on Facebook, you shouldn’t be voting.

5- UNITES STATES OF TENTS skyrockets on Amazon Prime
The film United States of Tents that I produced with my two oldest kids and is now on Amazon Prime is doing amazing.  And so the real truth about homelessness in America is being told.  As of today, the film has been streamed by more than 125,000 people after just three weeks.

DML: I thank everyone who has watched and supported the film.  The US homeless crisis is a mess, and we as Americans need to do more to put an end to homelessness.  I also want to thank everyone who sends us the great testimonials about DML PURE CBD.  The products we offer are simply the best CBD products available, and there is no greater joy than reading how people are no longer in pain and sleeping better.  Please, if you are reading this and have not started a program using DML PURE, get started today.  Go to and order a STARTER PACK.

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