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Today is Nov 24 and here are the stories I am following.

1-Sean Ono Lennon goes to bat for Tulsi Gabbard
The son of rock legend John Lennon wrote this on Twitter about the struggling congresswoman running for the Democratic nomination for president: “Even if you are skeptical of @TulsiGabbard you can’t say she doesn’t deserve to be part of this race,” Lennon wrote. “She is the primary candidate who is adding to a conversation around ending unnecessary wars. Please donate a dollar. She only needs 3000 more individual donations.”

DML: Translation…Why not just take your money and toss it in the trash can instead? Same thing, less effort.

2-Top lawmakers reach agreement on spending as deadline nears
Top lawmakers of the House and Senate Appropriations committees on Saturday confirmed agreement on allocations for each of the 12 spending bills, a step that allows negotiations on the $1.4 trillion budget bundle to begin in earnest to try to pass the measures by a Dec. 20 deadline.

Trump has been limited in success in winning wall funding from Congress, where there is relatively little enthusiasm for the project among his GOP allies and strong opposition from most Democrats. Congress provided just $1.4 billion in wall funding last year.

But Trump has won considerably more money through transfers from Pentagon accounts by exploiting budget rules. He is seeking $8.6 billion, including $5 billion for the Department of Homeland Security, but would win far less under the tentative accord.

DML: Just put the damn tariffs on Mexico and the wall matters little.  And by the way, that would COST $0 to taxpayers.  #DML2024

3- Trump and Navy Sec buck heads
The secretary of the U.S. Navy said Saturday he doesn’t consider a tweet by President Donald Trump an order and would need a formal order to stop a review of a sailor who could lose his status as a Navy SEAL.

“I need a formal order to act,” Navy Secretary Richard Spencer said, and referred to the tweet. “I don’t interpret them as a formal order.”

Trump insisted last Thursday the Navy “will NOT be taking away Warfighter and Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher’s Trident Pin,” inserting himself into an ongoing legal review of the sailor’s ability to hold onto the pin that designates him a SEAL.

DML: YES!  Way to fight Mr. President…. Go get em!  Lets remember, we are debating over a photo of a dead ISIS member.  #DML2024

4- Dem candidates aiding and abetting illegal alien amid election season
One of the most sought-after presidential endorsements in a key early voting state is from a woman who cannot vote. As Democrats jockey for support in Nevada, a meeting with Astrid Silva, a 31-year-old illegal alien rights activist who has become a public face of the “Dreamers,” is a can’t-miss early stop. Silva has had dinner with Kamala Harris, policy roundtables with Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden, and vegan tamales with Cory Booker. Just this week, after Pete Buttigieg noticed she attended Supreme Court arguments on the program shielding her from deportation, the candidate called to make sure she knew he supported her cause.

DML: I say we call ICE on her the next time she’s out at dinner with a Democrat.  How about these useless Dems having dinner with an American citizen, maybe someone who is homeless or can’t afford healthcare?  Sorry, if I sound crazy.  #DML2024

5- The Pain is GONE for Ronny
Another day, another message of thanks arrives to  Ronny, a 68 year old grandfather who had hip surgery two years ago says his life is back on track now that he’s been taking DML PURE CBD on a daily basis.  He started with the DML PURE STARTER PACK in August and now he is active in a way he hadn’t been for nearly 10 years.  He asked if he could donate to us so that we never go out of business. I smiled at the lovely gesture and said we aren’t going anywhere but up, meaning we are developing even more great products like MIRACLE ME CBD, which is perfect for relieving specific points of pain that pop up each day.

DML: I will be the most healthiest president of all time in 2024. How? Because the combination of MIRACLE ME CBD and is undeniable.  I am living proof.  Two years ago I was complaining about simple tasks like walking — and I could not sleep.  Today, I am doing 50 push-ups in less than 60 seconds, walking 6 miles per day and sleeping like a baby.  I may be 50, but I feel 30.  You can too! STOP waiting!  Get started NOW.  Instead of buying some unneeded Christmas gift for someone who will never use what you buy, get yourself feeling great again.  GO TO right this minute and get on the path to feel great again like the rest of us.


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