Morning Joe: No real men are in the WH

Mika Brzezinski says a woman needs to get President Trump to stop tweeting after she stated on Monday’s broadcast of “Morning Joe” that there aren’t any “real men” in the White House.

“Think about it, there are no men in the White House, literally no real men, I’ve said it before,” MSNBC’s Brzezinski said. “Nobody can get him to stop tweeting. Maybe bring in a woman. Maybe just one, who can get this guy to stop tweeting and shooting himself in the foot.”

Brzezinski, who is engaged to co-host Joe Scarborough, is not a Trump fan. She’s said that she doesn’t believe Trump is “okay” mentally, she’s called the president “buffoon-like” and has stated: “The 25th Amendment. Let’s do it.” The 25th amendment allows for the president’s removal from office.

Between segments spent bashing the president, The Morning Joe couple also find the time to address relationship issues on the air, as seen during a recent broadcast of the program.



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