After being jailed for allegedly murdering her toddler son and infant daughter, an Arizona woman said Wednesday that she feels “betrayed” by the children’s babysitter, whom she claims was watching them the day they died.

Brittany Velasquez, 20, who has denied killing her children, explained to FOX 10 Phoenix why she has shown little emotion since being arrested.

“I haven’t been showing too much emotion to everything that’s going on because I don’t know how to feel. I’m just very hurt. My pride and joy were taken from me, and it makes me really mad,” Velasquez said during a 10-minute phone interview.

Velasquez said that she had worked a 12-hour shift at a restaurant the day the two children were found dead, and claimed that she was betrayed by their babysitter.

“It makes me very mad,” Velasquez said. “I feel betrayed. I really feel betrayed.”

According to authorities, Velasquez did not leave her children with a babysitter on the day in question, but instead left them in the car for the entire day, which led to their deaths. Court documents filed in March revealed that children were found “cold to the touch” in a vehicle, still strapped into their car seats.

During the interview with FOX 10 Phoenix, Velasquez also blamed the deaths of her children on her grandparents, who denied knowledge of any arrangement regarding caring for the children.

When describing her daughter, Velasquez said that the child was “very, very happy,” adding “there’s not a moment I’d never seen her smile.”

In an interview on the day Velasquez was charged, her brother characterized her as a “very manipulative” woman.

Velasquez is scheduled to appear in court again on Friday.

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