According to the Washington Post, the man seen throwing a 4-year-old boy off a bridge in Washington state, and the mother who stood by and cheered while it happened, are now facing reckless endangerment charges.

Jeremiah Goodwin and Taylor Richardson (mother) were charged earlier this week, more than three weeks after a young man posted a video (seen below) of the boy being thrown from the Devonshire railroad bridge in Montesano, Washington.

In the video, the boy’s mother can be heard cheering as her son is tossed off the bridge. Meanwhile, the bystanders and the man who shot the video can be heard screaming at the mother for allowing such a stupid and dangerous act to occur.

Goodwin and Richardson said they didn’t mean any harm to the child, who was wearing a life jacket and was not injured, and that the boy wanted to be tossed into the river.

Goodwin, who met the mother and son just moments before throwing the boy into the river, said “he was just trying to help the 4-year-old jump off of the bridge safely.”

The video was taken by 18-year-old Kaylub Fawley, who posted it to his Facebook page.  Fawley says the sound of the child hitting the water left him thinking the boy would be severely injured.  The comment he wrote when posting the video, “This is what happens when parents do not care.”


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