Mother Denied Chemo Drug But Told Suicide Drugs Are Covered By Insurance

Stephanie Packer, a terminally ill mother of four is doing anything and everything in her power to spend every last second with her children before she dies.

Packer was diagnosed with Scleroderma at the age of 29, and was told by her doctor that she only had three years to live.

At the age of 33, Packer has now outlived the time she was expected to, and is doing her best to fight off the autoimmune disease that is quickly taking her from her children.

While many in her position would decide to end their life to stop their suffering, this mother has decided to go naturally.

“I want my kids to see that death is a part of life,” she said.


Stephanie Packer with her husband and four children.

Packer’s doctor told her that by switching to a different chemotherapy drug she could lengthen her life expectancy. That’s when she hit a roadblock with her medical insurance company.

Although the insurance company was willing to offer her suicide drugs for a co-payment of $1.20, they refused to pay for the chemo drugs until Packer threatened going to the media with her story.

With doctor assisted suicide and the “Right to Die” movement becoming popular, people like Packer will likely find the ability to have their “Right to Life” wishes granted.


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