Mother Married Two of Her Children, Now Facing Charges


Oklahoma mother Patricia Ann Spann, 43 and daughter Misty Velvet Dawn Spann, 25, married in March 2016 in Comanche County, and now the Spann girls are behind bars after their incestuous marriage was revealed shortly after. However, what’s more shocking is that Patricia Spann was previously married to one of her sons, Jody Calvin Spann, way back in 2008.

The incest is clearly disturbing, but apparently there were reasons behind the first marriage. Patricia told investigators her marriage with her son was not sexual, saying she simply married him to prevent him from being deployed to the military. The marriage became annulled in March 2010 for reasons of incest.

The marriage to Patricia’s daughter Misty was different. The maternal Spann told investigators that she ‘hit it off’ with her daughter when the two reunited two years ago. They formally married in the hopes of adopting a child. The arrangement was discovered by the Department of Human Services in August during a child welfare investigation inside their home.

Those found guilty of incest in the state of Oklahoma can face up to ten years in jail. The verdict has yet to be determined.


credit: Daily Mail


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