While President Trump breaks his campaign promises and works with the Congress to fix DACA, millions of Americans are struggling to get the medical treatment because they can’t afford Obamacare.

“Trump and Congress are doing nothing to address Obamacare, thus, another broken promise by Trump,” Dennis Michael Lynch wrote in a recent Facebook post.

On Sunday, DML News ran the story of an elderly woman who would prefer to die than to face the stress of finding the money to pay for her medical treatments.  Today, we share the story of  a woman Texas mom who is now dead because she tried to avoid the high costs of medicine to battle her flu.

A Texas mother-of-two died Sunday from flu complications after reportedly deciding that the $116 medication to treat the virus was too costly.

Heather Holland, a second grade teacher at Ikard Elementary School in Weatherford, Texas, died following complications of flu, leaving behind her husband Frank Holland and two children, a daughter, 10, and a son, 7.

She reportedly started to feel sick a week ago and was going to pick up flu medication. Her husband said she decided not to purchase the medication because she thought the $116 price tag was too high.

The husband picked up the drugs himself on Thursday after finding out she skipped on them, but it was too late and she ended up in the intensive care unit at a hospital on Friday.  She died Sunday morning.


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