Mother outraged over 8th grader’s homework about Trump

A language arts class at Timber Ridge Middle School in Plainfield, Illinois has decided to include exam questions that ask students what their attitudes are toward President Donald Trump.

A parent of an eighth grade student posted a picture of part of her daughter’s exam to Facebook and expressed her feelings regarding the questions.

“This is a test that my 8th grade daughter was given by her Language Arts teacher,” she wrote.  “This is unacceptable to put her views into our children’s head know matter what her side is!! I am one unhappy parent!!”

 Fill-in-the-blank question #19 says: “It was difficult for me to ________ my feeling when I learned Donald Trump had been voted in as our 45th president.”

Fill-in-the-blank Question #16 says “There is great _____ among Americans, especially among those who are strong supporters of President Trump and those who are against him.”

The correct answer was apparently “adversity” since the child did not get any points marked off for her answer.


H/T: The Will County News



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