The motive behind Obama’s “catch and release” plan explained

In a snippet from Friday’s episode of “The Truth with Dennis Michael Lynch,” DML and political analyst Harlan Hill discussed the reasoning behind former President Barack Obama’s “catch and release” legislation.

In late February, President Donald Trump reversed the nearly year-long initiative, a motion that previously gave law enforcement the authority to turn a blind eye to illegal immigrants because detained criminal aliens were too often evading court procedures.

Clearly perturbed by the former president’s passing of such law, Harlan asked DML for clarification into Obama’s reasoning.

“[Obama] said he was trying to cut down on the human trafficking and the danger in the human smuggling,” DML stated. While also deciphering the distinct separation between the “trafficking” and “smuggling” made possible by the Mexican cartel, DML also explained the reason behind the Obama administration’s purposeful negligence towards enforcing United States’ laws.

The intent was to eliminate the need to illegal aliens to pay a fee to be smuggled in, thereby avoiding the trafficking dangers that came with it.  But Obama had another reason as well, DML relayed.

Watch the segment here for the full explanation.


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