Tonight, Sean Hannity held an interview with a man tagged by the National Enquirer as “Mr. Fix It.”

Mr. Fix It is Jeff Rovin.  He was Hillary and Bill Clinton’s “friendly aide” who covered up their scandals, or so he claims.  I use the term “friendly aide” because I’m not sure how you describe a guy who says he did their dirty work but didn’t receive payment.

The NATIONAL ENQUIRER first reported the story over the weekend. Rovin alleges he played a key role in some of the Clintons’ dirtiest schemes.  For example, he claims to have spearheaded the plot to take down Bill Clinton’s mistress Monica Lewinsky.  He did this by convincing writers to publish nasty articles written about her.

The interview between Hannity and Rovin was disappointing in the sense it didn’t get into the nitty gritty about specific stories.  We already know about Monica, we needed something new, but when Hannity pressed Rovin about additional stories and scandals, Rovin would not commit.  To be perfectly honest, the guy looked like a deer in headlights.  In other words, he was regretting he said yes to the interview.  Perhaps he fears for his life?

Hannity asked Rovin about whether Hillary had an affair with Vince Foster, the Clinton staffer connected to the Whitewater scandal and who later committed suicide.  Rovin simply answered, “[the affair] was an open secret we all knew about.”   Hannity did not follow up with a question, which was disappointing.  Instead he moved on to ask, “Did the Clintons have an open marriage, including hookers?”  Rovin did not provide a solid answer.  In other words, he didn’t say yes, and he didn’t say no.

The only thing Rovin offered was that the Clintons had him pay off writers at major papers.  The payment was made in exchange for them not to run stories that would hurt the Clintons.  Hannity asked if threats came with the payments, but Rovin didn’t commit either way.

Basically, this was sold as a smoking gun interview.  Unfortunately, the gun was filled with blanks.

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