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According to new statistics released on Friday, Austria is seeing such a shift in the population that the name “Muhammed” is now the third most common male baby name in the country, for 2017.

The Austrian daily Kronen Zeitung reported the new statistics on 2017 baby names, saying among boys, “Muhammed” came just after “Alexander” and “Maximilian.”

According to the news site: “In this evaluation, the different spellings of similarly pronounced names were summarized.” For instance, spellings such as Muhamed, Muhammet, Mohamad, Muhammad and Muhammad were all included to arrive at the resulting number, just as Elias, Elijah and Eliays were combined to come to a single number of boys named “Elias.”

The site says that for the “Muhammed,” there were 3,905 exact spellings, and 1,505 phonetic names included in the summary, according to Klemens Himpele, head of Municipal Department 23.

The Kronen reported that the most common baby names are an indicator of cultural change.

Under the category of girls’ names, Sophia, Sara and Anna topped the list.

According to Breitbart:

Great Britain’s Muslim population has grown so much that Muhammad has topped the list of names for newborn baby boys in the whole of England and Wales every year since 2011, when slight variations in spelling are taken into account.

“In September 2016, the Catholic Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, declared that the ultimate aim of many Muslims is the conquest of Europe.

“‘Europe is on the verge of forfeiting its Christian heritage,’ Schönborn said, adding that this loss is ‘not only economic, but above all human and religious.’

“’Will there be an Islamic conquest of Europe?’ the Cardinal asked during a homily in Saint Stephen’s cathedral church. ‘Many Muslims want that and say: “Europe is finished,” ‘ he said.


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