Muslim Event at Water Park Gets Nixed due to Backlash

A French water park’s event for Muslim women called “Burkhini Day,” a play on the words of burkha and bikini, involved wearing burkhas and fully clothed Muslim attire. However, the event has been cancelled amid criticism and backlash from French citizens to the organizers after recent radical Islamic terrorist actions in part of the country.

Florian Philippot, senior adviser to National Front leader Marine Le Pen, said “this sort of event should be banned.” The local authority and the water park decided to ultimately call off the controversial event, saying in a statement they did not “wish to be the site of public unrest.”

The September scheduled event was created by a community group in Marseille, France, for women to wear the all-over swimming garment. They announced that only women “covered from the chest to the knees” would be allowed entry to take part in the water park exclusive function.



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