Muslim Kills 2-Year-Old Christian Child When Father Won’t Work For Free

Pakistan child killed 1

The “religion of peace” strikes again.

Approximately 1.6 percent of the 17 million people in Pakistan are Christians.   They are treated like second class citizens and often suffer violent attacks by Muslims, but get little protection from officials, especially when crimes are committed by wealth and influential Muslims.

Recently, Haji Rasheed, a wealthy Muslim landowner in Naximabad, Pakistan, hired a Christian man, Samsoon Masih, to paint his house, then refused to pay Masih for the work he had done.   Masih stated he would no longer work for Rasheed without pay.

In retaliation, the landowner and his son, Bahsrat, broke into Masih’s home and just started shooting at his family.  Masih and his father were injured, but Masih’s 2-year-old son Ayaan was shot in the head, killing him instantly.

“We are saddened by the news. An innocent child was killed because of a petty contract to paint a house. It is inhumane,” said lawyer Aneeqa Maria Anthony, coordinator of “The Voice,” an organization that works to protect minority groups in Pakistan.   “The Pakistani government should help develop a sense of patience and equality in society. Muslims should not consider members of other religions insects or animals to be killed with impunity. We will do our best to obtain justice,” he said.

Pakistani police have reportedly started an investigation into the case and have detained the two Muslim suspects, but are awaiting results from the autopsy of the boy before proceeding.

In April, a Christian woman was raped by two Muslim men who broke into her home and threatened to harm her 2-year-old child if she did not cooperate.  Because the men come from wealthy and influential families, the Pakistani army has refused to offer assistance in the prosecution.

Also in April, at least five Christian girls were kidnapped, married off and forced to convert to Islam.

In yet another case, a Christian couple was burned alive by a Muslim mob after witnesses claimed they found pages of the Quran in their trash.



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