Muslim London Mayor Khan Tours U.S., Degrades American Rhetoric

London Mayor and feminist Muslim Sadiq Khan has begun a tour of the United States this week, where he has been promoting a message of “building bridges rather than walls” as a clear jab to Donald Trump and American supporters of the candidate. Khan has begun his tour of vicious attacks on Trump due to the wake of Hillary Clinton’s absence from the political spotlight after falling ill with pneumonia.

Ironically, Khan’s “build bridges” message doesn’t hold truth to his policies back in London. He effectively opposed the construction of a new bridge (Garden Bridge) in the British city. In fact, that’s only a slight insight to some of Khan’s many contradictions during his current tenure as mayor. Here are some other contradictions from the Muslim mayor:

Khan’s feminist claim: As a “self-proclaimed feminist,” Khan believes women have the right to wear whatever they would like to as a sign of female independence.

Khan’s contradiction: He supports burkinis, which symbolize the oppression of women. Khan also banned pictures of bikini-clad women from London’s public transport, claiming it was unfitting of an image for women.

Khan’s “Proud Muslim” claim: Khan torts regularly that he is a proud Muslim, and has been known to call some of the most moderate politicians “Uncle Toms.”

Khan’s contradiction: Khan actually voted in favor for British involvement in the Bush-Blair Iraq intervention, which is uncanny of any “proud Muslim.” He also voted against the investigation into this war.

Khan’s nomination: Khan nominated the present failure of a Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

Khan’s contradiction: Shortly after, Khan proclaimed ““Jeremy Corbyn must go.”

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