Muslim Man Delivers Passionate Endorsement For Trump


A prominent Muslim American man posted an extremely powerful video endorsement of Donald Trump one the day after Gold Star father Khzir Khan gave his Trump-bashing speech at the Democratic convention, , but it was ignored by the media.

Asarulislam Mohammed Syed, MD, is a Muslim American and immigrant from Pakistan, a neurologist and psychiatrist in California.

He had earlier endorsed Trump in a video on May 5, but the day after Khan slammed Trump at the DNC, Dr. Syed hit back hard with a call for American Muslims to come on board in support of Donald Trump.

“I say to my American Muslims, think again of the civilizations our evil religion has destroyed.  Land after land, country after country, our evil religion of bigotry and intolerance has made our countries unlivable!  Do you want the United States of America to become another Pakistan?” he asks.

“Then think what Donald Trump is saying. Let’s make America great again!”


Syed is president of the Jannat Pakistan Party, described on his website as a “government of people who have chosen to live freely under the Law of God, free from the shackles of sharia.”

In his original endorsement video of Donald Trump on May 5, Dr. Syed says, “People of the world, and especially Muslims, need to understand why Trump’s ban on Muslims in the USA is worthy of consideration. At an early age of 18 or 19, it became crystal clear to me that the religion being preached in our mosques and schools was a farce, a sham, a mockery, a lie, organized by the wealthy kings of Saudi Arabia.  Muslims need to understand that their religion which unfortunately has been named Islam, this is night and day different from the glorious ideology preserved in the Quaran.”

In a telephone interview with a leading Japanese newspaper in June, 2016, Dr. Syed said, “I look at Donald Trump as the person who will deliver not only the United States of America, but the entire world from the decay in political leadership.”

He stated that in all his 25 years in the US, he has supported and donated to the Democratic party, but “Mr. Trump is so unique and so different, and I look at it from the point of view not just as Muslim, but as a citizen of the world, I look at as a very positive change for the world.”   On his Facebook page, he now lists his political affiliation as Republican.

“There is some god-speed behind him – everybody tried to pull him down, the entire media has tried to pull him down, but Trump is very resilient,” he said.




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