Muslim Mayor Funding Initiative to Police ‘Anti-Muslim Comments Online’

Sadiq Khan, London’s first Muslim mayor and a NeverTrump advocate, has secured a bushel of cash to fund a police “online hate crime hub” to work in “partnership with social media providers” to prosecute “trolls” who “target individuals and communities, Breitbart News reports.

Khan, who recently banned swimming suit ads from London’s busses, will spend £1,730,726 of taxpayer’s money policing speech online.

FROM BREITBART: The measures will be “delivered in partnership with social media providers” who along with “specialist officers” will be “filtering and identification of online hate crimes” and “identifying the location of the crime and allocating to the appropriate force…”

In May this year, the EU announced that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft had “committed” to working more closely with them and national governments and “their law enforcement agencies” to help “criminalise” perceived “illegal hate speech” online.

London’s Metropolitan police force said they welcomed the extra workload and wished to encourage offended people to report perceived hate crimes in ever increasing numbers.

“By establishing this unit, we are sending a strong message to those who use online forums to spread hate that their actions will not be tolerated. The Metropolitan police service continues to have a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of hate crime.

“The Met encourages all victims of hate crime to report any incident to the police and will make every effort to hold offenders to account and bring them to justice.”


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