Muslim Migrant Charged with Pushing Christians Overboard to Drown

In Spain, a Muslim Cameroonian immigrant has been put on trial for pushing six fellow Christian refugees into the sea while they were traveling by boat in 2014. The reason is because the immigrant did not agree with the Christians’ beliefs.

The Muslim immigrant, identified as boat captain Alain N. B., tried to blame the overboard deaths on “the rough seas, which were rocking the boat on the prayers led by a Catholic pastor on board.” Witnesses told investigators that the captain “believed that the weather worsened every time the victims prayed.”

“They badly wounded him before throwing him overboard”, the public prosecutor wrote before the start of the trial in regarding the captain and his second in command, who was complicit in the killings. The prosecutor requested for six separate terms of 15 years for murder with the aggravating factor of “religious motivation.” In total, it will amount to a 90-year sentence.

Only one body from the murdered Christians was found washed ashore.


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