Muslim migrants use homemade bomb on protesters (video)

In a disturbing video out of Brazil, Muslim migrants are seen throwing a homemade bomb at participants in an anti-migration law protest.

The incident occurred in São Paulo on May 2 during a peaceful protest against a new Brazil migration law that loosens criminal penalties for migrants.

Muslim migrants show hostility — described as a “terrorist attempt” by an onlooker — toward the protesters in the video below.

The individual who submitted the footage provided the following description:

“Terrorist Attempt at Anti-Migration Law Protest in Brazil.

Syrian immigrants throw homemade bombs at peaceful people protesting at Av. Paulista in São Paulo, Brazil.

The attack took place on May 2, when the group of protesters was walking.

The attack was recorded by one of the protesters.  

In the video it is possible to see when the Muslims ignited the artifact and launched against the civilians.

Police arrested the attackers, the crime was registered at a local police station.”

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