Muslim Olympian Refuses to Shake Israeli Opponent’s Hand

Islam El Shehaby, a Muslim Egyptian Judo competitor in the Rio Olympics, refused to shake Israeli opponent Or Sasson’s hand and congratulate him after a dueling match. El Shehaby backed away from Israel’s Sasson, who had his hand extended with sincere gratitude, after Sasson’s win at the Rio Games.

After the match, El Shehaby, 34, was summoned back to the mat by the referee, who demanded that he bow to his opponent. The ultraconservative Salafi Muslim fighter gave a sheepish quick nod before quickly exiting, clearly with no intent to give respect where respect was due.

People are calling the Egyptian fighter a “pathetic excuse” for an Olympian. Two videos below show Shehaby’s defeat and then his refusal to acknowledge the win:


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