Muslim Woman Claims Crescent Must Be On Top Of The Cross

An Egyptian Muslim activist who lives in New York, Ayat Oraby, published a video on her Facebook page on September 21, in a rant against Coptic Christians, calling for an economic boycott of all Christians.

Then she issued an even greater threat, telling her fellow Muslims about the Christians, “They must be made to understand that the crescent must be on top of the cross.”   

On her facebook page, Oraby rants against Israel and the “scandalous Israeli arm.  She goes off against Christians, saying, “they consider themselves to be sheep of God,” and calls for a boycott of all Christian businesses.   She tells her fellow Muslims not to give their money to the “church gang.”

Monday she promised, “God willing tomorrow, we start talking about the development and dissemination of the campaign on a larger scale.”

While living and enjoying the freedoms of the United States, this Muslim activist is ramping up her “campaign” against Christians to her Facebook followers with multiple posts daily.


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