Video: Muslims Caught Using Food Stamps To Buy Soda For Resale

A man who said he is a lawyer for the state of New York caught a Muslim couple at a grocery store, using their food stamp card to buy two cartloads of soda, allegedly to re-sell in their own store.

He followed them to the parking lot and filmed them as they unloaded the stash into their 2000 Lexus Suburban.  He told them what they were doing was fraud, and the woman went on a profanity-laced rant.   To put it simply, she showed no remorse.  She claimed she was born in Detroit, but when asked what her name was, she yelled, “My name is F**k America!”

UPDATE: This is related to a story we covered earlier. The girl in the video below appears to be the daughter of Ahmed Alshami, who was jailed and being held on a $2 million bond for food stamp fraud.

Watch the video of the encounter below.  The man who filmed it was smart enough to get their vehicle registration information as well.

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